Murfreesboro Youth Orchestra

2007-2008 Season Members

Alphabetical Listing
Asterisks (*) denote section leaders

Rachel Cardel
Shannon Jones
Jesse Kasinger
*Daniel Lee
*Charis MacKrell
Cana MacKrell
Christa MacKrell
Lissa Medlin
Jamie Motok
*Matt SuittVIOLIN II
Cameron Achilles
Reeves Brown
*Carly Davis
*Sara Dudley
Conor Grey
*Jessica Some
Max Trenkle
Kelsey Wells
Jodi Wunder
Charlie Young

Taylor Bailey
*Nora Lee
Ashley Morris
Garrett Pinkston
Leigh Prevatte

Reed Boswell
Michael Lamb
*Tyler Loucky
*Jillian Smith

Joe Cahoon
*Sveta Glibova
Robert Johnson
*Clay Sweeney

Amber Dugger
Amie Hoff
Krista Kennedy
Ben Vongsurith
Lindsay WickOBOE
*Cassaundra Bradley
Luke Bryson

*Jordyn Bidwell
Collin Lewis
Vignesh Sekar
*Tricia Todd

Holly Thomas

Jacqui Atkielski
Caleb Marshall
*Evan McAleer
Mady Robertson
*Jordan Taylor

*Matt France
Shawn Groff
Zack Johnson
*Michelle Nicks

David Hardy
*Ben Ledbetter
Tyler Thurber

Brandon Compton

Joel McGee
Ella Strawman

We congratulate these MYO and PSO students who qualified for Mid-State and All-State Bands and Orchestras this year.

66% of MYO students were tapped for the Tennessee Mid-State Band or Orchestra, and 13% were accepted into the All-State Band or Orchestra this year! In addition, 25% of the MYO members have been selected for the prestigious Governor’s Schools of the Arts of Tennessee. We are proud to have such gifted musicians and students from so many Middle Tennessee counties!

Junior High

Celina Chanthacine, Violin
Conor Grey, Violin
Catarina Han, Violin
Shannon Jones, Violin
Stephany Kwan, Violin
Cana MacKrell, Violin – 1st Chair
Christa MacKrell, Violin
Jessica Some, Violin
Max Trenkle, Violin
Jessie Williamson, Violin
Jodi Wunder, Violin
Blake Jorgensen, Cello
Charlie Young, Violin
Nora Lee, Viola Tyler Loucky, Cello
Ashli Williams, Cello
Andie Lee Williamson, Cello
Joe Cahoon, Bass – 1st Chair
Sveta Glibova, Bass
Robert Johnson, Bass
Clay Sweeney, Bass
Jacob Davenport, Bass – Alt.
Amie Hoff, Flute
Lindsay Wick, Flute
Matt France, Trumpet – 1st Chair
Michelle Nicks, Trumpet
Ben Ledbetter, Trombone
Tyler Thurber, Trombone

Senior High Midstate (* denotes All-State)

Rachel Cardel, Violin
*Charis MacKrell, Violin – 1st Chair
*Lissa Medlin, Violin
*Matt Suitt, Violin
Rachel Ann Williamson, Violin – Alt
*Elizabeth Gassler, Cello – 1st Chair
*Carson Prevatte, Cello
Jillian Smith, Cello – All-State Alt.
Tricia Todd, Eb Clarinet – 1st Chair, Bb Clt.
Andrew Loucky, Bassoon
Jacqui Atkielski, French Horn Jordan Taylor, French Horn
*Tiffany Trussell, French Horn
*Lauren Zimmerman, French Horn – 1st Chair
Mechelle Kneidinger, Jazz Band, Trumpet – 1st Chair
*David Zimmerman, Tuba – 1st Chair, Jazz Band – Bass Gtr.
Cayce Sweeney, Percussion – Snare
Chris Murphree, Percussion – Snare, Mallets – 1st Chair
Kelsey Wells, Percussion – Mallets

MYO Students accepted into the Governor’s School for the Arts

Elizabeth Gassler
Mechelle Kneidinger
Michael Lamb
Andrew Loucky
Lissa Medlin
Chris Murphree
Matt Suitt
Tricia Todd

Carson Prevatte
Jillian Smith
Tiffany Trussell
Jordan Taylor
Kelsey Wells
Lauren Zimmerman
David Zimmerman